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TMS Treatment for Suicidal Ideation in San Diego

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TMS for Suicidal Ideation

Always call 911 if you or a someone you are aware of is experiencing Suicidal Ideation 

Suicidal Ideation

Suicidal thoughts, or suicidal ideation, is characterized by thinking about or planning suicide. Thoughts about suicide can range from a detailed plan of action to a just a fleeting consideration. 

Suicidal thoughts are not uncommon – many people experience them, in times of high stress or severe depression. Most people, who experience suicidal ideation, do not carry it out, although some may make an attempt at suicide.  Our San Diego Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Center provides TMS Therapy for Suicidal Ideation.

Facts about Suicidal Ideation

  • Causes of suicidal thoughts can include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental disorders.
  • People with a family history of mental illness are more prone to have suicidal Ideation.


The following are symptoms and signs of Suicidal Ideation, among others:

  • Feeling trapped or hopeless
  • Intolerable emotional pain
  • Abnormal preoccupation with violence, dying, or death
  • Mood swings
  • Obsession with Revenge, Guilt, or Shame
  • High Agitation or Heightened Anxiety
  • Uncharacteristic Drug or Alcohol Consumption
  • Risky Behavior
  • Increased Isolation and Withdrawal 
  • Inability to obtain pleasure from previously/normally pleasurable life events such as eating, exercise, social interaction, or sex


Suicidal ideation often presents when one believes that she/he is no longer able to cope with an overwhelming situation or condition, such as 

  • Financial Problems
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Failed Relationship
  • Devastating Illness
  • Devastating Event 

Risk Factors 

  • family history of mental health issues
  • family history of substance abuse
  • family history of violence
  • family history of suicide
  • An existing psychiatric disorder 
  • A Previous Suicide Attempt
  • Given to Reckless or Impulsive behavior
  • exposure to suicidal behavior 

Medication for Suicidal Ideation

Medication is the most common intervention for Suicidal Ideation:

  • Antidepressants
  • Antipsychotics
  • Anti-Anxiety  

Unfortunately, these medications have proven to be largely ineffective for Suicidal Ideation, and worse, they have debilitating and dangerous side effects, including:

Drug or Alcohol Dependence

  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dry mouth
  • Tingling of hands and feet
  • Loss of appetite and sex
  • Others

Overcoming Suicidal Ideation with TMS 

TMS has proven to be highly effective in overcoming Suicidal Ideation. 

TMS stimulates highly specific regions of the brain known to govern mood and other related functions.  

TMS creates structural, physiological changes in the brain, itself.  

TMS is entirely non-invasive (completely external to the body – no surgery or anesthesia, etc. of any kind).  

TMS is virtually painless, and it has no side effects.

TMS also resolves the concomitant mental illness that almost always accompanies Suicidal Ideation, which is Depression, Anxiety, other mental illness.

* Stop taking medications or injections and obtain long-lasting, core brain healing.

TMS benefits include:

  • High Success Rate – considerably higher success rate than any other treatments
  • Enables sufferers to entirely stop or significantly reduce medications 
  • Non-Invasive – the treatment is entirely external to the body 
  • Non-Sedative – it requires no sedation and is relatively painless
  • Minimal to No Side Effects – it has no side effects in the vast majority of patients

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