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TMS Therapy for Childhood ADHD

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TMS for Childhood ADHD

Our mission is to help children and their families resolve the debilitating effects of Childhood ADHD, which has been proven to be a highly effective long-term solution.  Our San Diego Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Center provides TMS Therapy for Childhood ADHD.

TMS has proven to be one of the most effective, advanced treatments for resolving Childhood ADHD

Children with ADHD tend to struggle with the structure and expectations of the classroom, resulting in acting out, poor performance, and/or difficulties with peers.

TMS enables Children to overcome

  • Attention and concentration issues in school or in other situations?
  • Acting impulsively
  • Inability to properly manage time or be organized
  • Lacking focus for almost anything, but video games, phone activities, or TV/movies?

Does My Child Have ADHD?

Children who warrant a diagnosis of ADHD experience symptoms of inattentiveness and/or hyperactivity in at least two settings, such as school and church, or in activities and with family/friends. 

The Problem with ADHD Medication in Young Children

 Young children with ADHD are often not prescribed medication, unless the symptoms are severely affecting their ability to function in normal situations – as a result, the child is left without any intervention or solution to overcome the ADHD symptoms.  Or, if medication is prescribed, it is often entirely ineffective and does not reduce the symptoms – or it creates other symptoms; and worse, medications have debilitating side effects (lethargy, nausea, ‘foggy’ feeling, depression) that are as bad or worse as the ADHD symptoms.

ADHD Enables Children To

  • Healthily manage their emotions
  • Down-regulate during moments of hyperactivity
  • Focus in class and pay attention to teachers
  • Play well with other children
  • Manage the stress associated with ADHD

TMS benefits include:

  • High Success Rate – considerably higher success rate than any other treatments
  • Enables sufferers to entirely stop or significantly reduce ADHD medications 
  • Non-Invasive – the treatment is entirely external to the body 
  • Non-Sedative – it requires no sedation and is relatively painless
  • Minimal to No Side Effects – it has no side effects in the vast majority of patients

If you’d like to learn more about the treatment process at our TMS Center, please visit our TMS Procedure page.

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